Young Marriage Divorce Rates

young marriage divorce rates
Why do you think that the divorce rate is so high?

My personal opinion is that people are selfish and act selfishly which isn’t leaving much room for a working marriage. Our culture seems to be all about “me” and how “I” feel and how can “I” make “myself” happy? Everyone blames there problems on someone or something besides themselves and the majority of us young people want respect and responsibility that we haven’t earned. What is your opinion on why marriages are failing so quickly and so often?

First things first. Please excuse Denidove, whoever she is. She obviously has a some social issues. I agree with your opinion but it’s not the only reason why. A lot of us marry the wrong person or marry too soon in life. Some of us simply get tired of being with the same person. No particular reason why, we just do. If every married person who is bored with their spouse were to get a divorce, I think the divorce rate would be even higher than it is. Clinical studies say that most relationships lose their “romantic zip” if you will, at around the 3 to 4 year mark.The fact that everything in today’s society is geared toward sex doesn’t help either. I also think that today’s technology has a lot to do with it. We can communicate with each other so much more easily and in more ways, i.e. the internet and cell phones. There’s much more temptation out there today than in the past. I predict that the divorce rate will get even higher as time goes on. I hope I’m wrong.