What Does Life After Death Mean

Are you afraid that there is no eternal life after death?

Why the idea of ceasing to exist after death scare people? This is not the idea that you have a limited number of times that there is what gives meaning to life? Because if you know that, after death, would have another life, eternal nicer, that make your existence on earth this nonsense? I think if I have a little time on this earth, I will try to do everything we can while I'm still alive. Yes, I agree that someone can live life to the maximum of belief in the afterlife. However, it no longer makes sense, not the existence of life after death make life meaningless, because his work in his mortal life is just to get nice after life?

I totally agree with you. The possibility of nothing after death does not frighten me. It would be nice to explore the afterlife or another dimension for a while, but finally I am relieved to know that the most likely, it will be after his death. We not be better.