Water Of Life And Death

uncertain or knowing: Which death possible situtation would you rather have?

wut up cracka? nm, lol. k heres the briefing:

Would you rather be in taken as a hostage in some sort of terroristic act and have 50/50 chance of being head cut off? or… Would you rather be dropped off in shark infested waters with a life raft and a 1/30 chance of being found?.. and not by the sharks *lol* me id rather be in the terriorsts situation. I would go crazy in the water thinking i could be pulled under at any moment.

As stated, death by drowning is supposedly “peaceful” tho how many drowning victims testified to that I do not know lol. Either way, the likelihood of me meeting my demise in either of these situations is greater than winning the lottery pmsl. Both of your scenarios have the element of surprise, the same amount of suspense. Would it not have been more realistic to ask if it is better to be struck down by cancer or develop Alzheimers? They too have the same elements of suspense and surprise yet are exceedingly more common. Just a thought, more realistic, but not quite so dramatic as yours. My mind truly boggles at the thought processes of others…..That’s YA for you lol.