Waiting Period For Marriage After Divorce

waiting period for marriage after divorce
Waiting requirements upon final divorce decree?

I lived in NE in my teens and was married right out of high school, marriage failed one year later but we just went our seperate ways, now, 13 years later we are finally divorcing. The state of NE has a 6 month waiting period for remarriage after the final divorce decree, but I have resided in the state of IA for the past 10 years & wish to remarry in the state of IA. Would I still have to wait the 6 months?

Where you were married does not have anything to do with divorce. You’re required to file in your legal state of residency…that usually means where you’ve lived for the past 6 months (although all states have different residency requirements)
Since you’ve lived in IA for the past 10 years, you’re considered a resident & would file there and IA has a 90 day waiting period.