Views Of Life After Death

What are your views on life and death?

Why do we live and then die? Why do some die young and others at older ages? Why are people afraid of dying? Why are people afraid of living? Is there life after death? Is there a life after the life after death? Would we remember our previous lives? Or do we just rest ourselves on our deathbeds like in eternal slumber? Do we dream in that eternal slumber? Or is everything pitch-black?

*You don’t need to answer every one. I’d just like to know your viewpoint on this kind of subject. It’s something that gets me thinking a lot.

i believe life and death are a constant cycle and that whether you believe in adam and eve or science, that we all came from the same thing in the beginning so while our consciousness is aware of only our own lives, we are part of the organism known as life on this planet Earth its actually more simple to think of it that way I think