Types Of Divorce

types of divorce
Which type of divorce do i need to get?

My husband refuses to sign the divorce papers, he won’t give me the satisfaction he says.. So do i have to get a different kind of divorce? i had everything set up for a no fault divorce?

Is hubby contesting or just protesting the divorce. If he is contesting it you will need a lawyer to go the whole route with you.

If he is just being awkward to deal with, you will need a lawyer to write him a letter and send the papers he must sign. The lawyer will allow him 14 days or less to sign and return them, the letter will state that he must contact the lawyer (not you) for any clarification.

A no fault divorce still needs a reason for dissolving. They are usually incompatibility, or irreconcilable differences. Except in New
York State there is no No Fault Divorce.

Once you have received the signed papers you can go without a lawyer, but let hubby think he represents you exclusively til it’s over.

If you have children you must fill out a parenting plan. Another thing is if there is a prenuptial agreement, it has to be honored as does a post nuptial agreement. Alimony may be assessed on either spouse for children and spousal support, depending on the circumstances.

The last thing to kind of keep in mind is that you should not agree to any monetary commitments. An annulment declares a marriage null and void. A divorce only dissolves the bond of matrimony, any
commitments are still legitimate. So as much as you would like to
go charging in like a raging granny, hold on to your wig, and check
everything you sign.

Good Luck – God Bless