Truth Of Life After Death

how to find the truth about a life insurance policy after someones death.?

my grandfather died saturday and my mother was suppose to get 25,000 of the life insurance but hasnt. my grandpa told me to wathch out for his son john because he would try to take everything and so far he has. but i dont know who got the life insurance. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FOR MY MOTHERS SAKE!!!!!!
my step grandmother just told me she has the will and she is beneficciary. thats all she will say. please help

it will take about a month’s time minimum to get the proceeds paid out. When someone dies, a death claim needs to be filed with the insurance company. death claims require a death certificate as well as company paperwork in order to start the process. the company checks out the claim and confirms death.. once that is done, they will pay the death claim according to the beneficiaries listed in the policy. if your mother is not listed, she will need to fight the estate for her $25k.