True Stories Of Life After Death

Christians-Do you believe in life and death is in the power of the tongue?

My sister said if I speak certain things that is not good I am speaking it into the spirit realm. I heard about this true story a few months ago by a pastors daughter, and she said she knew this lady who had 4 daughters, and this lady was pregnant with her 5th and she said if I end up having another girl I will just die, and she kept saying this to her family and friends, whether she meant it or not. Anyway time cam for her to give birth and it was a girl and she died in labour. And this girl remembers her little baby being looked after by a family member at the mothers funeral.I always tell my mother and other people that I want to die and go home to Heaven. Do you think if I keep saying it, do you think I will die of something, because if I do, I am hoping to go home. Do you have any opinion, and Christians only. My sister tells me whatever I say will become my reality.
Yes it does say in the bible that life and death are in the power of the tounge

your sister is nuts it says nowhere in the bible that our speech will determine our fate only God knows our days on this earth