True Life After Death Stories

Am I doing it right this time?

Atheists go by reasoning. In their cases, the seemingly known laws of reality don’t seem to favor a life after death. As a result, they have no reason to ponder such often speculated questions of “What happens when I die?”… considering the laws of reality seemingly has the answer.

Those of faith are a wee bit more complex. Because of the complexities of the human mind, they often ponder about “Who they are… and why they exist”… more so than atheists, these speculations evolve, over time, into demanding theories about what we are i.e. souls… this is backed by the stories about life and death passed down over the ages. Are these stories true?… Hard to say. However, it is comforting to think that when we die… we won’t just “cease to exist as a conscious.”… one of the many fears we have.

(( I could make this far more complex if I had the patience, but… you get what I’m saying.))

The End.

I disagree.

It is quite easy to assign to God what we don’t understand.

Instead, atheists and agnostics tend to try to understand the world around them in terms of rational science and facts, rather than simple beliefs which have been handed down over the ages.

Atheists do ponder who they are…why they exist…and, even what happens to their consciousness when the physical body ceases to function.

But, of course, it is comforting to believe that we can live forever just because we believe in an anthropomorphic god. In fact, scientifically speaking, the expected value which we can attain is much greater if we believe in a god.

However, in the atheist’s mind, there is no proof that God exists, so, therefore, he chooses not to believe that which cannot be proved.

But, does that make him less complex, less intelligent, less contemplative…? I think not.

I should say that I am only arguing a point, not articulating my personal beliefs.