Theories On Life After Death

The theory of life after death?

I'll tell you mine. We exist here just to proove that God can be accepted in the Heaven on the basis of what we have done here on Earth, but you must complete this life for that to happen. Once we die, we will go to hell because they see all bad things you've done, Purgetory to work off their sins to repent of, or heaven, if you proove yourself worthy. Then he did the rest of the universe we can explore all the other worlds and planets that we could not here on Earth. It's my theory. Anyone agree or different?

Thank you for your question, but at the same time, I must say that I can not unrealistic to base my life or my expectations in just a theory. I need facts! Just over 33 years I have been buying and selling and using drugs in American streets. I used to curse often name of Christ and in God's name without thinking of what he said that had sex with a woman who could talk about going to bed with me, smoke 2-4 packs per day while the speed, I drank a lot of stupid drunk once and then tired of that and decided to kill because there was no reason to live. I am very pleased to announce that suicide does not work for me! There is so much life that I lost so many people who have injured and it was stupid to do. Over time, my life took me to Ft Lauderdale, Florida, and ended Broward County jail on charges of possession. I could face 15 years in prison, but because they were not substantive and did not resist arrest and cooperated with the police, who received a misdemeanor 18 days. For eighteen days I had to deal with life without drugs or alcohol to numb my mind, so I was forced to face reality. To be honest with you, I hated the fact that I saw as it showed me that I had lost most of my life and do no purpose or direction in life, but to continue the party. Not a very bright future for those who seek stability in their lives. There was a Bible in his cell, and was the only reading that was available to me, so I started read. I started to ask other prisoners if they could explain some of what was written there and had to be helpless. I'm sure he was now part of the reason they were in prison, just like me. An elderly man told me he knew not the answers, but when he left, he would realize. Then I asked God and said, "God, if they are real and can be for me, I will give my life. "Nothing happened immediately, but I decided to get out of jail and start my quest to become a monk. I seen on television and thought to be holy was walking in clothes and recite prayers, as they did and to be separated from others. I am grateful that I never got there, because that would be spiritual suicide. For long story short, God led me to some hippies with long hair like me, who were Christians – known as Jesus' people in those days. The year was 1974. That night, a hippie with long hair in jeans and a cowboy shirt and cowboy boots, preached a sermon on God's love and Christ's blood shed for my sins. I do not really very concerned about what he preached, because he knew I wanted to be right with God. Finally, he stopped preaching, and then asked if anyone wanted to be right with God. I jumped and ran forward and fell on his knees and cried God: "Please forgive my sins, I am very tired of living this way. Please help me to be the kind of person who loves others more than me "-. The power of God came upon me and it was as if everyone was gone and I was alone God, he moved through me so hard that I felt cleaning going on. my whole body and mind since I could not tell "WOW!" again and again for long. Since then I have walked with God over 33 years and has done so many miracles in my life and my family and other I have known people who deny it would be necessary that I be a fool all! This is why the theory does not matter to me. I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that I will spend eternity with him. Every day I live in peace and without fear, and still have to deal with the pain Physics in three parts of my body that lead to death if the Lord heals me. As the universe is concerned. I think they use only the tenth one percent of our intellectual capacity than others 99 and 9 / 10 is reserved for an eternity of learning and will never be completely filled. I believe God has plans for me to keep me busy and full of love, peace and joy forever. I can not wait to leave this mortal body, so you can finally be free of my flesh, and be perfected in him. I am terribly excited about all the love it and think! God is real and he wants to be you and all those who come to him openly and honestly!