Theories Of Life After Death

My theory of life after death.?

I believe that humans did evolve from apes, but this multidimensional being, who I refer to as my god. God somehow guided are evolution, or by him being there influenced are evolution. When I die this being of electricity will come out of my body, it will have my memory’s, my thoughts, and feelings. The body generates about as much electricity as a battery. Thats one theory. My other Theory is that, the way to leave this realm is inside of you. Your body is somehow a portal to the afterlife. As soon as your brain starts to die, and everything else starts to fail, the essence of you is brought into your chest, or your heart area. A body is created in this world between this one, and heaven, its like a step before heaven. Your soul appears in your chest like I said. Once ready, a portal starts to appear in your chest area. Your electrical essence is thrown thought it, and is thrown to the end of the universe were god is. Were the bang began, and you will return. Your heaven is in u.

to answer your question: well, you don’t seem to be asking a question. please indicate all the sources you’ve used to arrive at this theory. i doubt any are the work of reputable scientist.