The Life And Death Of Michael Jackson

How has the death of Michael Jackson changed or effected your life?

I’m a lot more serious and emotional every time I hear about someone else who dies. I don’t shrug my shoulders like I use to. Cuz there’s been a lot of people that have died this year before mj that made me cry. Such as one of my friends from school that was stabbed to death so I prayed that no one else would die this year and then mj dies and that just drove me insane. And I’m not afraid to die anymore cuz I know that I will be reunited with my father and mj and along with everyone else in heaven.

Its shown me that you really don’t know when its your time to go. I mean, he looked healthy in his rehearsal footage, so it just show’s that you are “Here one day, gone one night”, like Michael said in “Gone too Soon”

I miss him so much 🙁

Sorry about your friend.