The Life And Death Of Marilyn Monroe

Does anyone else think the michael jackson illuminati theory is nonsense.?

Okay there are these idiots that the Illuminati devil lovers what ever people killed michael jackson or heath ledger or 2 pac some people are idiots what nonsense however marilyn Monroe’s death seems a little sketchy to me and heath ledger I do think it was sketchy but elvis and 2 pac deaths seemed weird also but micheal jackson come on people wake up and smell the roses ,what a bunch of baloney its such nonsense stop wasting you time and get your a life also that 2012 theory what nonsense.
What a load of baloney wake up people its the 21t century not 1492

Most conspiracy theories are just BS. At least the ones we hear of.

There are real world conspiracies but these are more in the order of police investigation of crime and politicians lying to us to implement hidden agendas.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe a lot of unexplained stuff exists in the world/universe.

But you don’t have to look too hard at any conspiracy theory to have it fall apart. My own opinion is that:
– street drug use often causes disjointed thinking and paranoia (this is a fact)
– street drug use is currently quite high (also a fact)
– the internet is a good forum for any crazy idea one might have (also a fact)
and so the real situation is that a lot of people have become paranoid due to street drug use and come up with crazy disjointed theories as to why and then put them on the internet. (this is a theory).

My theory anyhow.