The Life And Death Of Elvis Presley

Why do we idolize idiots?

Cases in point:
1. Dale Earnhardt scoffed at and ridiculed the use of the “Hans device”, a head and neck restraint, that WOULD have prevented his death, due to brain stem seperation in a car crash. Idiot.
2. Indian Larry was a very experienced motorcycle rider who lost his life due to brain injuries caused during a motorcycle accident. He was standing on the saddle of a powerful machine, while traveling down the road, with his hands out at his sides. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. Look Ma, no hands, no helmet, no brains. Idiot.
And while we’re on the topic of idiots dying doing what they loved, let’s not forget:
3. Elvis Presley. Loved his drugs and died of a self inflicted overdose. Idiot.
I was just wondering why any sane person would idolize such idiocy.

come on you cant compare the great elvis to those other idiots elvis gave a lot to a lot of people and we dont know what drove him to drugs and i bet your like me and millions of others who love robbie williams and other people who also have taken or dabbled with drugs..they just havent over dosed yet and elvis was a sad lonely man maybe drugs gave him something that all his money never could