The Life And Death Of Crazy Horse

which personality would you like better:?

1) deep, poems, hard life but cares about her Friends more than her, will help any one at anytime, gives amazing advice, all fun all the time, i mean like large groups of people doing crazy things, loves hard rock, alternative, death Metal, all of that, likes black i guess you could say emo, big on standing up for herself and her friends. and loyal, trustworthy.

2) trustworthy, friendly, loves the pool, hanging out with small groups of people, deep, out doors and animals, good grades, lives in the moment, deep , good friend, obedient, abstinent, loves horses, and sleepovers at her house with pillow fights and junk food, alternative, can be a bit mean and over reactive, but still lives in the moment, loves animals fish reptiles. smart.

That’s easy definitely #2!!!!