The Life And Death Of Charlie St. Cloud

the death and life of charlie st cloud question…?

i really dont understand chapters 2-4.

ive just started reading it, and after they crashed there was this florio guy, and the 2 boys were dead and then in the next chapter the boys were talking 2 eachover, its really confusing

can someone explain it 2 me

Two brothers, Charlie (15) and Sam (12) decide to go to watch a baseball match. They ‘borrow’ their neighbour’s car and drive to the stadium. On the way back, however, they have a car accident and they die. When they are dead, they find themselves close to the cemetery in Marblehead, the town where they live. They are scared and make a promise that they will never abandon each other. However, Charlie gets resuscitated and carries on living.

The story jumps thirteen years forward. Charlie has grown up and works at the cemetery in Marblehead. Every evening at dawn he goes to a little nearby forest where he plays with Sam. Charlie has a gift of seeing ghosts and thus he can play with Sam. This also serves well his job as a caretaker, because he can talk with the deceased.