The Life And Death Of A Mobile Phone

Mobile phones?

A relative (distant) has passed this morning. The cause was a brain tumor caused by….mobile phone useage. 47 years old. Doctors have said that there is recently (in the past few years) a spike in brain tumors attributed to cellular phone use. Particularily in men, but also a rise in women too. So this puts damage starting about 15 years ago, resulting in an early death. So, parents who have bought mobile phones for their kids (some as young as 11) are you going to continue to risk a life expectancy of 30 for your children?

Personally I hate the infernal things, and it would be a cold day in hell before I ever bought one for my kid.
There is no scientific evidence that drinking urine hurts you either, in fact it’s proven that it won’t hurt you, would you let your kid drink it?

I completely agree. I absolutely hate seeing young kids using mobile phones, because I’ve always been suspicious about what damage having a phone so close to the brain must be doing.

As much as I hate seeing kids with their own phones, I detest even more seeing people holding a mobile phone close to a baby or toddler to allow them to “talk” to someone – their little bodies are still developing.

Im sorry about the death of your relative – but maybe some good can come of tragic circumstances if only more people became more aware of the potential risks of using mobiles.