The Life After Death

Is our existence any less strange in quality than the idea of life after death? read more?

Our very existence seems so strange and out of place in the Universe, that to me no ideas about , where we came from or where we are going could be ridiculous, so why is there so much conflict between people about the secondary questions about life after death, Just plain death, or reincarnation? Science and religion both have failed to bridge any of the important gaps in understanding what we are and if we are going anywhere.

I would like to hear your opinions, all viewpoints are welcome!

id say no

it seems strange but at the same time not strange to me

i agree that most possibilities are possible
but, soem of the ideas are highly implausible and impossible
i find the ones that are, speak for themselves

the rest, well, there is every possibility of every possibility

the conflict, well, humans have the insane need to be right and agreed with
so we argue when soemone doesnt think we are right or agree with us
also, we have a control issue,and control and power come from others following you and your ideas

i dont agree with that, i think science does bridge some important gaps, its just that we dont interprate them correctly, argue about them, disagree on them, think we are right, they are wrong
also spirituality for me bridges some gaps, which is why i beleive what i do, because i go with both spirituality and science