The Death And Life Of Superman

With the death of God was the German philoshopher correct, time for superman and individual self determination?

We don’t need any religion to set out our moral road map, is it time to strike out on our own and as individuals take the path of least resistance, enjoy life and shut out national politics for good and the good of us all ?
There is only one German philosopher, there is only one person who saw it as it is. All previous ones were found out and its pointless to speculate about the future, fcuk it and take it now or be ever frozen in time and lie with Pompei.
Lessons in spelling and grammer and the people that state the bleeding obvious, are as much a sign of the retarded mentallity as the majority who are willing and able to nurture and sustain mass delusion, its insanity to attempt to create a following and then criticise individuals for failing to understand and accept the herd thought. One might be a lightening rod, but do not set out to enlighten anyone.

No, he was a psychopathic narcissist, and psychopathic narcissism won’t do anything for us now (nor has it done anything for us yet). Individualism (in the extreme sense, which is the way he meant it and the way most people interpret it — Americans as a prime example) does not lead to individual freedom, it leads to chaos in which individual freedom is impossible. I would go so far as to contend that what degenerated our conditions to this point is precisely the kind of psychopathic narcissistic individualism folks like Nietzsche promoted in the first place, and curing our ills with more of the same will cure our ills like smothering a fire with gasoline will extinguish a fire. The unappealling not so sexy reality is (and always has been) that our conditions are the consequence of our actions, and we determine our conditions by controlling our actions, not by emersing ourselves in gratuitous fantasy, because we live in material reality we discover through objective observation and experience, not a subjective dreamstate we mold at will. If anything Nietzsche ever said ever made any sense at all, you would never ask this questioin because you would never need advice or cooperation from anyone else to live in the immaterial utopia of your choice utterly unaffected by the rest of us, the world or any relative material conditions. The moment you asked the question, you instantly and automatically disproved the premise irrevocably.

(Fun question by the way, and very cleverly arranged.)