The Beauty And The Beast Story

the beauty and the beast story
In the story of Beauty and the Beast whom do you have most sympathy toward and why?

Sorry, folks. I should have been more specific. I’d forgotten even that there was a Disney version which I must confess I’ve never seen. You must realize that all Disney versions of folklore and fairytale are horribly mutilated and mangled, almost beyond recognition. Please see the following for information on more authentic versions:

For those who love and appreciate this timeless tale you might also want to view the great French film version directed by Jean Cocteau. This is the beautiful and definitive film version made in 1946 and never surpassed. It is available on DVD and should not be missed.

the beast because even in real life you have to look beneath the surface to see the real person and so many people don’t do that they judge people by how they look and dress