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Anyone have good treatments Shield?

I have a male German shepherd dog is an exhibition that is well done with brands great and the color, however, sometimes, which is prone to bad hair days. He is running and has been in all major food brands in both dogs dry and rough. and that makes a difference to your physical cond. and fitness does not appear to alter their appearance in both opaque and thin coat. I wonder if is a treatment that can give you complete and put a good shine on his couch LOL. Oh, and before anyone decides that health is more important than air Jive …! has a hip score of 00 and is in the supreme. Tks. Sorry, I'm more interested in the mantle thickining lol.

I agree fish oil with food. And for points in the neck "elbow" and where the hair is very thin, rub emu oil on it every day. All I used in my show dogs and none developed elbows bald and had already his hair grew back. Oh, and buy the rank of pet emu oil is cheap, as safe and works well. Of course, if the dog licks by accident too. Also, when bathing your dog, make sure you use a shampoo only balance naturally hypoallergenic and PH. The chemicals in many shampoos can actually be hard on the shield and the pH balance is very important for the skin, then hair growth. Dog skin pH is about 6.8 if you want to know that I use Earthbath, Biogroom Kelco shampoo and dogs by the dog, I am bathing. I will visit. =) Try to take a bath once a month for a working natural oils through your hair. Good luck!