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which is best????????

hi, im a 16 year old girl and want to buy a exersize machine. i weigh 135 lbs and want to lose like 25 pounds, what machine would be best? a gazelle edge elliptical

or a

or a treadmill?
thanks for answering!

I vote for neither. Exercise machines become boring after a while – sometimes only a short while!! That is why you see so many of them for sale second-hand!! It is best to simply build activity into your day to day life. Bike whenever you can (fabulous exercise!!). Walk places instead of always driving. Park further away from the stores you do drive to. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go swimming. Play sports. Wrestle with your boyfriend, lol!! By making healthy levels of activity a part of your daily life, you don’t have to spend much time “exercising”. However, getting a gym membership is probably a much better way to spend your exercise dollars – they have a wide variety of machines so you can choose different ones on different days, and not grow bored of just one all the time!!