Statistics For Marriage And Divorce

Shocking marriage statistics!?

According to statistics the average age of Delhi (indian) brides is 21.3 and 25 for groom with the divorce rate of a mere 1.1%

YET in New York (America) average bride is 25.1 and 26.8 for Grooms with a shocking divorce rate of 49.9%

That means in America your change of having a lasing marriage is practically 50-50

Uk is not much better either! Bride average age 30 groom 32.1 with divorce rate 42.6%

why do you think divorce rates are so high? (bar India!)
Livvi, no its not a westie… its Lily my three-legged Bichon Frise! Julia is me! Lily AKA The Beast is Lily!

Many reasons, mostly cultural. The Euro-American culture does not promote marriage. In fact, it tends to promote the opposite. Youth, sex, freedom, material goods, fun, parties. If that’s not your life, you’re doing something wrong. Everyone else’s life is like that, right? That’s what we’re sold and that’s what we see. You don’t see much in the way of responsibility, the genuine, as opposed to the Hollywood romanticized version of the effects on children from a broken home. Such situations typically portray a now much happier him and her and a comedic interplay between them and the child’s life. Or the kid gets ‘the best of both worlds’.

Man, don’t get me started. There is so much that is Eff’ed up about our culture, our values and the way we’ve come to promote and justify them. I blame the sixties and the welfare state. Poppin’ out kids and doin’ what ever makes you happy. Responsibility, reality and the true repercussions takes a distant back seat.