Special Marriage Act Divorce

special marriage act divorce
Is my marriage certificate illegal ?

I arrived in Indian and had a Hindu marriage, the same day I went to the Register Office and 30 minutes later I was given a marriage certificate.

I did not go through the Special Marriage Act, I did not have to wait 30 days nor was I asked to provide my divorce decree.

Is My marriage Certificate valid or illegal.

The reasons for my question is that, after a 2 weeks of the wife arriving into the USA, I found out that she was married, but because the marriage was performed under a Hindu wedding ritual so i have no evidence.

I also found out that this was a fraud marriage for a US visa entry.

I am trying to understand if by not following the Special Marriage act guidelines dose my marriage certificate become null and Void

Speak to immigration, they will be happy to void your marriage if that is what you want to do.