Song Beauty And The Beast

song beauty and the beast
Meaning of the Beauty & The Beast Song, “A Change In Me” ?

I know the obvious meaning that you can get just by reading the title, but I’m looking for a really deep meaning. One that stands out, and makes me really think about it. I’m singing this as a solo and my chorus teacher said I need to be more dramatic, so I decided to try to relate. Thank youu !

A Change in Me, Belle changes her view of the world. In the beginning she craves adventure and excitement, but after her days with the Beast, the song is about Belle’s internal transformation, the kind that each of the main characters, Belle, the Beast and Gaston, all go through. It describes how she no longer maintains her childhood dreams and has realized that she likes life how it is now that she’s found her love: “I never thought I’d leave behind/my childhood dreams, but I don’t mind/I’m where and who I want to be.”