Simple Divorce

simple divorce
how much does an uncontested divorce cost?

Simple divorce, we really have a lot of the details worked out(down to the tupperware). I know we need one lawyer and it should easy. We have two kids one of which was brought into the relationship. No child support needed and her bills are hers and I have mine. We need a lawyer to make it legal. I would like to hear from a lawyer or someone who has the answer,not just some ones opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we appreciate your help!

You don’t need a lawyer to complete it, and I can guarantee you’ve missed quite a lot. One thing attorneys love to leave out is what happens to the children in the event the custodial parent passes away? Unless clarified, the child goes to the relatives of the custodial parent.

You need to sit down with a Certified Mediator, which can be an attorney or paralegal, which BOTH OF YOU must pay half the cost each. The person cannot be working for one of you.