Signs Life After Death

How Do You Get Rid Of The Fear Of Death?

For some reason for quite sometime I have had a irrational fear or premonition of early demise.I have been checked over thoroughly and medically im sound.I can’t seem to get my mind off of it.I have read things that temporarily relieved the fear but doesn’t seem to work very long.I worry about my health and just feel general anxiety about my life.Yes I talk to therapist but sometiimes it helps and sometimes not.I had a brother that died from a hidden heart condition many years ago at an age that was younger now than I .I suppose deep down I fear the same thing happening to me.Although I have no signs of heart disease.I even have responded to others here trying to comfort them with things I read when in fact I can’t rid myself of this irrational fear.I know that death is without question and in some reasoning know that there is something after death.Sometimes i even feel as though I know and have memories of another life but thats another subject all together.. How do you let this go ?

focus on what is your greatest fear, face that even in your own mind and you will no longer fear death.