Short Term Marriage Divorce

short term marriage divorce
why would a marriage not last for a longer period and what makes marriage a successful one?

some couples marry with joy and within a short time, the marriage is divorced. what brings about this short term divorce and what are the necessary actions to be put in place to enhance a successful marriage?

How is a healthy relationship maintained? Here are my ideas.

1. Equality- Both individuals in a relationship are equal. Their ideas should be respected and they should not be chastised for them. If there is a disagreement, the individuals should peacefully discuss it and try to find a solution or compromise. There should be no yelling because that is disrespectful and shows that you feel dominant to the other; that your opinion matters more.

2. Respect- Both individuals should be respected as people and not just objects to be won or lost. People are not property.

3. Fidelity- This is one is blatantly obvious. It can also, go with respect. This can also be thinking of other individuals.

4. Honesty- The individuals in a relationship should not lie to each other. Otherwise it turns the other individual into no more than an object.

5. Trust- The individuals in a relationship must be able to trust each other.

6. Support- Both individuals should help each other with their problems and try to make each other happy.

7. Tolerance- Both individuals are most certainly going to have disagreements and do things differently. They should be able to accept this and compromise.