Short Poems About Life And Death

Venus Fly Trap: Short poem inspired by nature programme. Please read and tell me what you think?

venus fly trap

what is this thing digesting me
does it know i’m still alive?
what did i do? trapped in this ghee
is it an insect or a hive?

i should have had some health insurance
i sigh and watch my health go south
my prison shuts with death’s endurance
can’t tell my friends- no word of mouth

they’ll come to this unholy jaw:
& i don’t care that they can’t see
the nectar’s sweet, there is no flaw:
while i eat it, it’s eating me

I wrote this while watching a bit about a fly being eaten by a plant about 21:59 minutes into the BBC’s Life programme with David Atenborough Season 1 Episode 1. It’s called The Challenges Of Life 2009.

If you haven’t seen it yourself here it is:

I wish I could get a venus fly trap that did not sicken and die at the sight of fruit flies.. might you be the one> ????
This is a very good little poem it drew me into its core and swallowed me … my imagination is pleased.