Sexless Marriage Divorce Rate

Why do men still get married ?

Why do you think some men still get married despite of the numerous unhappy, sexless marriages and high divorce rates which basically mean a life of misery and poverty for the average man ? What distinquishes those men from the ones that choose not to get married ? Lack of knowledge ? Are they hopeless romantics ?

I am sorry that you have had such bad luck with relationships. The ones that you describe are not the norm otherwise nobody would bother trying. I know many people including myself who have been happily married for a long time. You should maybe invest in some therapy and deal with the issues that seem to make you so incredibly bitter and unhappy. You have a lot of resentments towards females and this seems to have influenced you emotions. Sit down with a good counselor and start processing what you have experienced and perhaps one day you will be blessed. You also need to know how to respect another and develop a mature relationship with a female that is based on love, mutuality, and tolerance. You sound like an extremely needy man and I urge you to find some help as soon as you can.