Second Marriages Divorce

second marriages divorce
Divorce: Does the Lord recognize divorce or second marriages?

Does the lord recognize divorce or second marriages?

I’m in my 20s and left my wife because of the differences in beliefs and constant nagging. I was very unhappy in the marriage. We are getting divorced.

I’ve now met someone else. We get on really well, and love each other. We want to marry when my divorce comes through. Is this acceptable to God?

I don’t think God wants you to be unhappy. He loves you. I don’t think he would be upset if, (in the future) you made a committment to take your time and anylize the situatione before you make another promise you may not keep. Jesus died for you. Forgive yourself and move toward a happy life! Take comfort in the fact that your ex has the same chance to make herself happy. I think God loves people to learn from their mistakes. Good luck to both of you!