Second Marriage After Divorce

second marriage after divorce
does it get easier after the first time?

ok i have read alot of statistics on second or even third or fourth marriages and it seems that it continually gets easier to leave a marriage after your first divorce. the statistics show that 51% of first marriages end in divorce and 65% of second marriages end in divorce and if you make it passed that then your are more than 80% likely to divorce. so it must get easier right? hell i am in my first and only marriage and if this one ends? I DONT EVER WANT TO COMMIT MYSELF TO SOMEONE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is only so easy for people because they dont appreciate what a marraige is. A marraige isnt easy street. You are going to face things in any relationship that are hard to overcome. It is work and rather than work at it people find it easier to just give up, and they do. And in the next relationship they will do the same thing, why work at it when it is so easy to file for divorce and get married again. If people could stop for a minute and look at what they are giving up when they divorce they wouldnt act so fast to file. They could have given away their one real chance at happiness because the didnt want to give a little bit of effort. crazy, Im glad I stuck it out because my marraige gets better everyday. Just a little work thats all it takes.