Scripture On Marriage And Divorce

divorce and remarriage = adultery?

I have a question. According to mark 19:9, luke 16:18, and scripture in the bible regarding adultery. According to god, a marriage is a promise made before god to commit to a partner for the remainder of life, to which no man can separate. People think of adultery as cheating on your spouse, when god states this as “except for the cause of sexual immorality” but the bible clearly states adultery by definition is remarriage after divorce. God also says to flee fornication, meaning to run away and fast… as if in danger.

I have kept myself pure but I am middle aged now, and the majority of selection for men are divorced men. It does not mean they are bad people, but anyone that is divorced with the exception that their wife cheated on them, and not vice versa is off limits due to the potential sin of adultery. What is sad, is that if I fall in love with a divorced man, and he has no conscience for scripture – then he will find love with another women. I know it is adultery for me

Honey, all you need to do is turn to John 3:16… For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son and whosoever believith in him shall have peace and everlasting life.. Jesus died for all sins.. God loves us as a father loves his children.. Do you believe? Do you admit that you are human and capable of sin? Do you love God and know that he loves you back? Then, that is all there is to it.