Scientific Proof Of Life After Death

Is there any scientific proof of life after death?

Any scientific evidence of ‘rewards n punishments’ after death ?

This is a good question. And i wondered myself this many times.

There is no proof of life after death. How can someone really provide proof after they are dead. They cant bring something physical back from heaven or hell, like gold or bones.

But what they can give is thier testimony. Like in law, sometimes there is no physical proof, but the verdict depends on testimonies which have similar accounts.

The testimonies can also be considered true if they had some sort of significant impact on the persons life which somehow changes or influences them.

Testimonies are out there of people who have been both to heaven and hell. People from different backgrounds, ages, cultures, religions, and worldviews have gave testimonies and some have been quite specific and similar.

Two people who did not know each other who provided a sketch of a beast they saw in the after life that was distinct because it had uneven length arms, physical traits, smelled and how it acted. Many people who believed they gone to hell, dramatically changed their life upon being resuscitated.

People have also gave testimonies about things they saw and experienced that was consistent with ideas of heaven such as the feeling of immense love.

Sometimes there is no physical proof, you must examine the testimonies and how the experience has changed individuals.