Saving A Marriage From Divorce

saving a marriage from divorce
How do you save a marriage when there was cheating involve from both parties?

I cheated on my hubby (once) before we got married 5 yrs ago, and yes i confess what I did before we said ”I Do”,then he recently cheated on me and got busted. I have filed for a divorce, but we believe that our marriage can be saved, but are at a lost where to began repairing the damage, when we have our families in our ears telling us that we’re stupid to save it, because someone who cheats will always cheat??

It is great that both of you want to save the marriage! With both of you working, you should be able to save it.

1) IGNORE THE FAMILIES! They don’t know all the intimate details and don’t need to. Just smile and say that’s an interesting idea and go on.

2) GET COUNSELING! From a real marriage counselor. They may be expensive, but some insurance companies will cover part of the cost. It is worth it to save your marriage.

3) DON’T LISTEN TO OTHER OPINIONS! Its true that “Once a cheater – always a cheater” applies to most cases. But it will not apply to your marriage if you are both working to make it better.

It is so wonderful to hear that both people care about the marriage!