Same Sex Marriage Divorce Rate

same sex marriage divorce rate
Do you believe in traditional marriage or freedom in marriage?

You believe we should keep it the way it is. Opposite sex, kids, etc etc. (the “procreation” concept) (Try to improve on unwanted pregnancies and high divorce rate)


freedom in marriage where people of the same sex can enjoy the benefits heterosexual couples do. polygamists should also be able to marry as well as you can marry anything, unlimited, etc etc as long as you have consent.

What’s your call?

Please don’t insult anyone because of what they believe in. Remember, you can’t have everything your way.

Ha nice tag line.

I believe that hetero-sexual couples and homo-sexual couples should have the same rights and be able to adopt. I’m fine with tax breaks, medical care, poa, ect ect.

I would just prefer that homo-sexual unions are called “civil unions” because I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. They still have the right to say that they’re a couple or they’re joined.

That is what I would prefer. However, as I have said many times before and will say now…I have better things to fight over than a definiition of a word. Health care for all! NHC!!!

Good luck!