Rethinking Life And Death

What if death isn’t the end of “life” but the beginning?

Wouldn’t that sort of flip things around?

Everyone complaining God allows suffering and death so definitely doesn’t exist…and everyone offended God doesn’t drop by for tea…and everyone who says an omnipresent/potent being is scientifically impossible or just can’t seem to prove his point…
would have to rethink.

I saw another guy, this time on FOX News who died for an hour and a half and he said the same things many other NDE people said. He didn’t want to come back.

And is it just my flippin imagination…or do the good really die young?

And can I pre-empt the athiests by saying (who will soon flock in to) Eat Me alive.. Why bother with questions in religion and spirituality…if you are against it? Don’t you folks have a group?
OK I will be nice and I apologize.

I’ve heard of stories of people who are clinically dead in the operation room and see really weird things. They can’t really explain what it is. Some have seem really brights lights (like Heaven). Other’s have seen demon like creatures (like Hell)

Though you could speculate that this was just the mind going through random images or going into a dream like state. It’s hard to tell unless you’ve experience yourself.

I can’t say for sure what is beyond this life. There could be something wonderful,horrible or nothing at all..simply death.
I think it’s all how your mind looks at it.

And please don’t bash atheists. they can be spiritual too. It’s not just about God, so be nice okay? =) thanks