How do you think of the idea of reincarnation?

Please explain reincarnation to me. The only thing I think know it is dying and reborn as something else. It takes more than that. It is affiliated with specific religions, can be human as a return factory? What are your thoughts on this, even if you do not believe what can happen?

I feel a little Ishy that, really. I want say, of course, it is good idea that when you die, you're not really die, but he'll just start a new life. But if is then, how does it work? I think they are determined by their history and experiences, so if you encounter something completely different in their next life, you are not otherwise? If it is completely different from its original self, you are a new person? It may also be responsible for making things by their own past? From what I understand is a past life I was social conformity and a sexist. If I feel guilty about it? I do not believe in reincarnation, I do not want there.