Records Of Marriage

records of marriage
I am trying to find marriage records?

I am working on our family geneology and in doing so, I am trying to find marriage records from Pennsylvania for my great aunt and uncle. Of course I want free info, and isn’t this supposed to BE free anyway? Every site I find wants me to pay anywhere from $14.95 to $69.95 for this information. Anyone know where I can actually search FREE public records for this info?


You will have to go to the County seat or the city where they were married. You will need to know
as much information as possible about them, like date of birth parents names, date married, etc.
Try googling the man’s name. Try googling ” free gemology.” Try doing a search for the county they were married in. I have found some free info online, but most of what I found is on I found a free source when I googled the name of the county my Dad’s family is from. I was not as lucky with my mom’s family info.