Record Of Marriages

record of marriages
I am trying to find the marriage record of my late mother and daddy.

My daddy(Edwin Sprague) and my mother(Bertie Mae Swafford) were married in Oklahoma(Possibly Oklahoma City or Pryor) around 1941.My daddy was an electrician and worked at the Aircraft Assembly plant in Oklahoma City.My mother was from Bledsoe County TN.My daddy would have been around 50 and my mother around 28.

You would get better responses if you post this in either the genealogy section of YA or on Often people have access through and could look up this information for you. Sometimes you meet a kind heart willing to help. If you use rootsweb, you need to get to the section about Oklahoma ancestry and post there.

You can also search for the office of vital records in Oklahoma city using a search engine like yahoo, but I think I remember it it odd there, with 3-4 different divisions there… so you may have to write to each one and ask them to search of the marriage record.. if you live there you could go to the office of vital records and search for yourself. There is a small fee and you would have to write a check or have an adult do it if you are as young as I think you may be from your post.

Hope you find what you are looking for…