Reality Of Life After Death

Why do you believe in life after death?

Many believe that we go to another reality after we die, and this was in fact an issue that consumed many long before the time of Jesus. The fathers of philosophy were fixated with the idea that as human beings we are superior to animals and that we possess a greater purpose. This conclusion was based on our superior intellect. Socrates (399 B.C.) displayed unparalleled courage when he willingly died for what he believed to be true. However, before him, the idea of temporality and change received endless treatment. The idea of life after death is certainly very appealing. What do u think?

I believe in EVERYTHING because it pleases me to believe in them.

Some things please me because they work. Some things please me because they are entertaining. Some things please me because they are familiar. Some things please me because I anticipate a return on that belief.

Is there really any other reason for any belief?