Real Life Death

What Martial Art would be the most useful in a real, life or death, hand-to-hand combat situation?

Each martial art was designed to be used in a real life or death situation. If your looking for a street brawl then look into a mixed martial arts program. If you are interested in subduing not maiming then look into a school that focuses on joint locks and such. I have taken many martial arts including Wado-Ryu karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kendo. For an all round traditional martial arts style I would suggest Wado-ryu because it focuses on strikes as well as takes elements from joint locking martial arts schools. If your more into flashy kicks and such go the tae kwon do route, or if you want to play with bamboo swords and beat the living fluff out of friends do Kendo….ok now I am rambling.