Questions On Divorce

questions on divorce
Divorce questions. who keeps the rings?

Alright for some reason driving today (no clue WHY) but this question popped into my head. if a guy and his wife have a divorce, does teh guy get the engagement ring back? the wedding band (normal looking gold ring) back? does she get his gold ring back? what if she cheats on him does he keep them all? he cheats on her, does she keep the engagement ring? how does this all work out? again im only 17 so its not like im trying to divorce or anythign, just a random thought that poofed into ma skull.

Traditionally, the person who breaks off the engagement loses “ownership” of the diamond. In other words, if he leaves her, she keeps the ring. If she leaves him she’s supposed (“supposed”) to give the ring back. Doesn’t always happen but that’s the tradition.

As far as divorce? I’ve never heard anything about how that works. My guess though, is that, rings would probably be part of the property settlement.

Cheating? Depends on who has the sharper lawyer.

Good question, though.