Quantum Physics Life After Death

Near Death/Out of Body/Life after death Quantum Physics?


relax, relax your will enjoy this 🙂
By that you mean Mr.Rene NDE/neurology scientist
Yes ~~333~~ ever day Quantum Physics moves closer and closer to explainingthe paranormal pretty soon It would not be considered supernatural, but natural. We need equipment to measure consciousness in the brain and prove that Mind is separate from Brain, we need to measure Dark/Etheric matter and we need to finally prove those extra 11 tangled up dimensions and then the breakthroughs will be astronomical.
The establishment of Consciousness Studies as a field of study is a viable alternative to the current scientific paradigm. Upon reviewing the present day theories (stories) from physics; establishing an integrative study of consciousness may not be as preposterous as it first sounds- it may very well prove to be the only solution that can embrace the increasing complexity of our existence.

Interesting isnt it, i really think we are moving forward in discovering alot more that surrounds us, that a while ago was considered impossible or as they said, crack pots….There is so much more out there to discover beyond our realm of existence, it just takes alot of great minds to explore and think outside of the box, so to speak…and expand our thoughts to greater things…..