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My sports teacher humiliates me?

Today, we had theory lessons on sport, health and fitness.
He made up this fake story about how this chubby guy became like hulk hogan within a year.

– Anyway, he got three people to stand up.
A guy who was skinny and tall, another guy who was well rounded, and another one who was muscular.

Then he said, “These are the three different body shapes.” And then he got the person who had to stand, practically being called fat, to hand out worksheets.

That’s discrimination, just pure meanness and self centeredness.
If he was doing his job correctly, he wouldn’t be making fun of other people, putting them in a situation being called fat.

He should’ve just had sheets and told people, not literally give an example.

It sounds to me like you drew conclusions that he didn’t intend. He didn’t say there was anything better about one shape than the other (except for his story earlier). There are three basic body types, according to a lot of scientists, so that was very factual, not mean. None of them has anything to do with being fat. One is tall and skinny, one is more muscular, and one is shorter and less muscular. The story didn’t make sense, since you can’t go from one body type to another, but I disagree that he was making fun of anyone by having 3 people with different body types stand up.

I remember working out in the gym with a trainer a few years ago, and some woman made a comment about how if I kept working out as hard as I was, I would look like – and then she pointed at some very small-boned, skinny person. The trainer corrected her, saying, that this was not possible, since I had a very different body type, and I was more likely to look like her, since she had bigger bones and was more muscular, if I lost weight.

I do agree with you, though, that using students in class as examples of anything is dangerous, since other students can be cruel and can jump to the kind of conclusions that you did. I would not personally use this method, but I don’t think your teacher was trying to be cruel.