Process Of Divorce

process of divorce
What is the divorce process like? Easier legally b/c we’ve only been together 3 months?

I’ve been married three months. Already know we’re getting a divorce, I know it’s ridiculous but that’s just how it is. I was just wondering what the process is like, and if maybe it’ll be a little easier or cheaper legally because we share nothing together, no mortage, cars, possessions, bank account, nothing. The only thing we have is a title. We live in michigan if that makes any bit of difference.

you could probably get an annullment. but i dont know how those go. but i’m going through a divorce i’m doing myself. you can do like i did. if its uncontested (you agree on everything) buy a kit from staples for about $30. fill out the paper work and retype it to make it neat. then file it at court. it cost me $150. he probably will still have to be served with the papers. at least in my county its mandatory for him to be served. and then 30 days later you get a date and go from there. it beats getting a lawyer which costs at least $3000