Poetry About Life And Death

Any artists want to put their work in my poetry book?

Hi everyone! I am looking to publishing a book of poetry. I was going to do all the artwork myself but I can’t do everything. I can’t pay the artist, but if you’re looking to get your work out their like I am looking to get mine out there, please message me! I’m a great writer, I only know that because of how much I love to do it. If you’re interested in working with me, post a link to your work, or just answer with an ‘i’m interested’ and give me a way to contact you using yahoo or email. Thanks!

My poetry is my life, it’s about a trial, the struggle the trial brings, and then discovery…of who I am. my poetry has themes of death, love, pain, truth…beauty, fantasy…loads for an artist to work with.
Self-publishing and physical book format (to answer question below)

Is that a self-publishing venture or have you already got a contract with a publisher? If you are self-publishing, will that be in electronic or physical book format?