Poems Of Life And Death

A poem about everday harsh life with death, I can only write about what I know?

Death of A Neighbor

The sun rose with a gloomy, groaning grunt on that day,

Why this happened, I cannot say.

An explosion in the air I could not quite detect,

Corners brought chills I knew not what was next.

The winter had been dark, hungry and harsh.

Life continued but seemed like such a farce.

The dogs were barking looking to the right,

The death of a neighbor sometime in the night.

Two, no three days came and they went,

Continously barking of the dogs until they were spent,

The death wagon came but did not stop for Johnny or me,

It went to the right, my neighbor is free

Blessings. I love this writing it’s a sad poem i see this as a picture poem , and even as a story poem . You wrote it from your heart , it’s very touching and melancholy , i felt these words deep down in my heart. The ramifications of death are a blow to anyone. Death is celebrated, embraced, and feared throughout the world. One can reflect and reminisce over the memory of the lost loved ones and friends through death poems. They can help ease the pain and confusion that is in the aftermath of the tragedy of a lost love one. It is often hard to express sadness and bring it out to the open and sad poems about death offer avenues to do so. Death poems are one antidote to help. Move forward from the depression and sadness that one may feel after their loss. Poems about death allow people to readjust and realign when the fact of life turns and strikes, that life is temporal.You did this pretty good. I’m so sorry for the lost of your friend. May she/ or/ him R.I.P.