Poems Life After Death

How is my poem? Be honest.?

We spend our lives, living in fear.
Wondering why, we are here.
In our human nature, we study our world.
To see if we can find, what we haven’t been told.

As we learn more, about our history.
We begin to even more, start to worry.
For now we have seen, that we evolved.
Now we begin to wonder more, is there a heaven above.

We used to believe, in magical creatures.
Such as dragons, mermaids, and witches.
We now know, what they really are.
That they were coincides, created by nature.

Even after, all what we have found out.
There is still those question, that we wonder about.
No matter how much we gain.
We well still feel that pain.

Why are we here
Why do we live in fear
Is there life after death
When well we take our last breath

Do we really have to go on living a lie
Who else do we have to make cry
Do we really want to know why we are here
What is that thing that makes us feel this fear

On a scale of 1-10, I would say a 8. It is not really metered well and some rhymes just aren’t that swell. (ie: Creatures and witches)
Other than that, it’s pretty decent. Keep working on it!