Poem Life Death

Please send us your comments on my poem, "LIFE WITH OUT DEATH is terrible?

Death comes to everyone time, but few, often die life, death sentences, the beginning and end "But few live forever as the legends, the devil is called "fear of death, for many it can shake, fall down! Death is certain, for each birth, the difference if someone can please tell? What is it to die, when death occurs, what can say, unless you know of death? What lived to die when Death comes to those who may wonder, since the dead do not always speak! Death is the final deadline for us the death of De-link from birth, certainly not wise, death is better when life becomes dear life sour flowing into old age, death becomes a privelge.

Many people on you! say, "Look what poem I wrote, and kind of go – Oh my God, here we are. As most of them are really bad poetry! By Therefore, it is refreshing to see that he has a real talent! I have a BA in English and has published poetry and I won a few competitions, – You say what you want in terms of criticism. So I'll stick with the technique – I hope it is of little help – I'd like to see someone just like you better. 🙂 Email me if you want one of mine. I'm not criticizing the idea / theme / feeling – because it is most personal and does not deserve criticism. Do I like what I wrote is not to draw your idea on my face. It's a little light / Darkness / evasive – and making it a good poem, allows the reader to use your imagination a bit, and I really do – take advantage of discovery process of reading the poem. Good job! I must say that while reading, I love the thoughts and feelings and ideas that have in mind – That's what he does well. In other words, you do not love yourself clearly in a poem – which is a conference, not a poem, right? Give meaning? You get very very good. As regards the structure – they seem to understand something very important about modern poetry: not to rhyme! In Indeed, in the struggle for a rhyme, people end up writing a pompous, rigid, stupid. What flows. Yet time, good job. Sometimes I saw a "poem" from a fan who does not understand that he is not writing poetry – who wrote prose – a declaration – and broken lines as shown. This is not a poem, a paragraph is broken! (NOTE: There is nothing wrong with a poem rhyming – but if you must first understand how to write a decent poem period, learning a bit of rhythm in poetry, rhymes and then try) Now try this: Read aloud. Notice how you stop at the end of each line? (Incidentally, you need punctuation at the end of lines 11,13 and 15, unless you want to rewrite that flow into the next line as a sentence ….) It does, in all, his turbulent session as a setback major. For the reader who is jarring and distracting that way. You do not want to distract from the hypo – wants to concentrate on the message. will try, through and up the last minute – it's a matter of seeing that each flow line 3 or 4 e more or less in the other without stopping. Sometimes it is also simple as adding "… And …", or write two or three consecutive lines as a more complete thought. . . . . Now, each line is a thought. See what I mean? When you rewrite to get this jerky rhythm, read aloud this time – you'll see how it sounds better. Yet times, excellent work! Keep it up! PS Personally, I took her poem is that death is inevitable part of life, not a curse. . . . A single door. I like it. PSS What I found fascinating to share my work is that people see something in a poem as never intended, but worth to that person. I learned to accept that – to write my impressions and let the reader can take what you want, not necessarily they say they do. That is what poetry should do, at the end. UTA "privilege" pssss (sorry! LOL) If I you, I would like to work in the title. It is so obvious that it betrays the poem before it is read. I must admit, I did not read the title and the first poem. I'm happy! LOL try something a little less than indicated, a little more difficult to reach – it has more to do with the feeling of the poem who openly expresses its meaning.